The Energy of Love

So it's too late, I just finished a youth event in Minneapolis Minnesota with 1700 students yelling, dancing, laughing and learning. I really should be sleeping right now but I'm buzzing from this energy of Love!

I'm reminded of when Jesus was tired and sought to 'get away' from the crowds after he learned that his close cousin (John the Baptist) suffered from the fatal murder by the state sponsored terrorist hand of Herod (Mark 6:14-29). In verse 30 we see Jesus' response to this painful event in his life as the bible sets the scene that Jesus told his disciples, "Let's get away to a remote place." I'm sure it was to mourn the cruel death of his cousin, Kingdom co-laborer and perhaps the only human that had a deeper shared understanding of who he really was. Side note: remember to follow our Lord's example and practice self care by not trying to always be available when you're going through pain yourself. It's nothing wrong with 'getting away' to refresh and renew yourself. But when he finally got away somebody caught wind of Jesus' location and spread the news quicker than Twitter and Facebook put together! So the crowds came looking for him! The bible says something in the next verse that's phenomenal: verse 34 says that Jesus had compassion (shared passion) on the multitude because he saw them as they really were, like sheep without a shepherd. Instead of getting ticked off at the people (if you think about it, it was the hard hearts of people that killed his cousin, it was the sin of the people that's causing his suffering) he surrendered to a supernatural force that resulted in 5,000 people getting feed, countless people getting healed, delivered and set free! That's the force of Love! What an energy! When you're at your bottom, remember that God's power can flow through you to lift you and lift others. Every now and then you have to let the force of Love flow through you! I kinda feel like that tonight. I guess I better get to bed for tomorrow, but I'm glad to feel the force of Love tonight!

May it forever flow through you and me both.

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